Raynaud’s disease


Having Raynaud’s disease from the time I was a kid has undoubtedly required me to make certain lifestyle changes growing up.  When it comes to travelling I know that it is necessary for me to be a little more conscious of how I am going to be taking care of myself than the average person. The things I bring in my bag are always carefully selected so that I can be comfortable and prepared for any situation. Having an interest in the more adventurous side of traveling such as mountaineering and multi-day trekking it is extremely important for me to keep my Raynaud’s under control so I can continue to push the limits. Here will be a selection of stories which will include how I deal with Raynaud’s disease under extreme conditions such as high mountains and glacier treks. With careful preparation and a good attitude and the occasional hiking buddy, reaching 6000 meters on a glacier is totally within reason.


8 Cozy Products to keep you warm this winter

It’s that time of year again, when the air gets crisp and the streets become slippery with ice.  Where little white snowflakes fall from the sky and we get the lucky task of layering ourselves in coats, sweaters, boots, gloves and hats….that’s right…winter is upon us.  If you are into outdoor activities like trekking, snowshoeing, ice skating, mountaineering, skiing and more, then you know a little preparation goes a long way to keep the heat!  For all of us ‘frosties’ out there, others with Raynauds and those of you who are just plain cold creatures looking for ways to survive the winter, here is a list of my favorite items to help keep the blood flowing through the season.


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Conquering the Inca Trail with Raynaud’s Disease

The classic Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu spans 45 kilometres over 4 days reaching altitudes of 4200m. The average tourist now has the opportunity to overcome physical hardships in a small expedition, pushing themselves and the people around them up and through this tricky hike, but what happens when you are staying in the mountains and dealing with Raynaud’s disease. What did I pack and what were my experiences on the trail with Raynaud’s?



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What is it?

             Raynaud’s disease is a disorder of the blood vessels which greatly reduces blood flow in certain areas of the body. Check here to learn more about Raynaud’s disease and how it works.


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