12 Travel Songs that will give you the feels

Music can be your best friend when traveling alone, and your private time when traveling in groups. Whether you are on the road solo or traveling along with friends, your music is probably right there in your pocket with you. Here are my top 12 songs that both inspire me to travel, and keep me company when I am on the road.


Top 12 Travel Songs


12. Wondering Where the Lions are?– Bruce Cockburn


11. Home-Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros


10. Down in the Valley-The Head and the Heart


9. Stones on the Road-Saint Alvia


8. Carolina in my Mind-James Taylor


7. King of the Road– Roger Miller


6. Life is a Highway-Tom Cochrane


5. Travelling Alone-Passenger


4. Welcome Home-Radical Face


3. On the Road Again– Willie Nelson


2. The Drifter- Devour the Day


1. On the Road-Canned Heat


Top 12 Travel songs


  1. Time to hop into the Mustang and hit the open road with these tunes blasting out of the radio – some great choices, haven’t listened to Passenger in loooong time!

    1. We used to listen to that as kids every time we were in the car on our 5 hour drive to the cottage….ever since then its really radiated travel to me 🙂 its so good

  2. I never heard of any of these songs! The only song I know so far and like that gives me the vibe of traveling is Top of the World by Imagine Dragons. 🙂 Thanks for sharing these!

    1. King of the Road is such a classic, when ever I am home my Dad sings it to me, ahah his one and only drifting daughter

    1. AHAHAH the boots are made for walking….thats a cute addition, I never thought of that one.. ahaha anymore where that came from?

  3. LOL, sadly I only know 2 of these songs (at least by name)!

    I’ll have to give them all a sample when I have decent internet.

    One of my favourite travel songs is probably a bit more obscure (not is it technically about travel, but some of the words suit), is ‘Wide Open Road’ by The Triffids 🙂

    1. Thats perfect!! give me more songs like that! 🙂 Thats what I was going for… I didnt want to do the most popular travel songs, because thats a little bit repetitive, but instead I wanted to do my top picks personally, and then maybe give others some new jams they might fall in love with 🙂

  4. I was relieved to see in the comments that I’m not the only one to draw a blank at some of these songs! It’s always good to get some new road trip inspiration, however, so I will be listening to them all! Happy travels!

    1. Ahh yes I figured some of the songs are a little unknown, but thats what I was going for, not quite a list of most popular travel songs, but a list of my favorites, and maybe some new favorites for others out there

    1. Thanks so much! Do you have any other favorites, I am always into building up my playlist. I am a music girl for sure.

    1. AHAH Well I am actually glad! because I didn’t want to make alist of ‘most popular travel songs’ but rather a list of personal favorites that might be hidden gems for people, and cause a little wanderlust inspiration:) did it work?

    1. Thats my trekking song…ahaha for some reason when I am wandering through beautiful vistas…this is the song that I always want to hear…im guilty of repeat. AHAH

  5. Oh my goodness, you included Passenger :). He’s been one of my favourites for a long long time now. He writes perfect lyrics that resonate… have you heard Scare away the Dark? That song pretty much sums up EVERYTHING. Love the list… there’s a few on here i don’t know so thanks for adding to my travel playlist :).


  6. What a great idea for a post, Kimberly. And a terrific list of songs. Thx for introducing me to some new songs, and for mentioning some of my favs. One song missing, that I love to play during road trips is Gordon Lightfoot’s Railroad Trilogy (or something like that.) it’s a terrific song to drive thru the mountains of Western Canada.

  7. Music can be inspiration for almost anything. I remember when I first found out we were moving from Chicago to San Diego … I blasted Beach Boys music all the while I packed. It almost made it fun!

  8. I love your choices and was thrilled to see many that I recognized as well as some new to me. Nothing beats a road trip with the top down and the music blasting; for that, I choose “Boys of Summer” by Don Henley: “out on the road again, I saw a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac…” 🙂

  9. Gosh, I only know a few out of your list but I love the idea of a travel playlist. I love how certain songs have the power to bring you back to moments you had during your travels!

  10. Great playlist!! Music is definitely an essential part of our experiences travelling. It can bring such powerful emotions and memories to the forefront and such strong connections are made between places, events and the music we were listening to at the time. You’ve got a few here I need to add and look forward to building some memories with them as the soundtrack 🙂

  11. I actually didn’t know half of the list but are familiar with the artists. I was expecting for songs that frequently play on the radio and you surprised me by putting something that not all people know about, but are classics. Thanks for sharing! Xx

  12. love LOVE that you’ve got Passenger on this list. He’s my all time favourite and right at the top of my travel playlists. This particular song in fact is so touching. Not sure you know, but the two stories he sings about, are from people he actually met during his busking days. Such a breath of fresh air to hear artists still making songs out of experience.

    Another one of his song called ‘Travelling Song’ (so aptly titled. HA), is also pretty kickass. So is ‘Life’s for the Living’.

    Haven’t heard most of the other songs on this list before, perhaps time for a re-shuffle of those old playlists, eh? 😉

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