Top 5 Traveler Parties in Central America

Central America, with its warm weather, beautiful beaches and low cost is conducive to some of the biggest and best traveler parties out there. High class festivities, bikini ragers and jungle bashes are in abundance. Here are my top 5 parties of Central America:

Sunday fun day pool party nicaragua


  1. Léon Nicaragua and Lava Shots, Big Foot Hostel

Not only is Big Foot Hostel of Léon, Nicaragua famous for their Volcano Boarding tour (which is amazing, check it out), but it is also the #1 place to party in Leon. Every night is party night here. There is a Big Foot hostel downtown as well as on Peñita beach providing ample party patrons. Both hostels have bars, booze, beers and pools which is the perfect set up for any bikini ridden Central American Party. Big Foot Hostel is also the owner of the Lava Shot Challenge; 2 shots and 1 double of ghost chilli soaked alcohol. Can you do it without throwing up? If you can, a nice t-shirt will be yours to wear with pride.

lava shot challenge at big foot hostel leon

  1. Trump Tower Champagne Party, Panama City

Feel like stepping up the class? Head over to the highest bar in Panama City, the 66th floor of the Trump Tower and enjoy a champagne party. On select nights of the week, from 5:00pm-8:00pm Trump Towers Ocean Bar offers unlimited champagne for just $10 USD. So put on your fancy flip flops and shorts and head over and get as much as you can from this high class backpacker friendly champagne party.

  1. Zephyr Lodge, Lanquin, Guatemala

Build up some stamina before this one.  The Zephyr Lodge resides in the middle of the jungle near Semuc Champey and has a day AND night party. Running on a tab system, it feels almost resort like and so the party just keeps on going and going and going. This little trick can get both your wallet and your health in trouble by the end, if there is one.  So try and be careful. Consisting of pools, tabs, stunning views and a good bar.  This is definitely a place where you come, stay for a while, and then crawl out a little later than expected with a lighter wallet to match your head. Who doesn’t want to party in the middle of the jungle anyways?

zephyr lodge lanquin party

  1. Aqua Lounge, Bocas Del Toro, Panama

In the North of Panama there is the archipelago of Bocas del Toro.  Consisting of 10 islands surrounded by beautiful Caribbean beach, this is the place to be. On Carenero Island, just $1 USD water taxi from the main island sits the infamous party bar, night club, and hostel; the Aqua Lounge. With an MTV spring break like feel, this backpacker haven is absolutely packed full of booze smothered travelers starting just after midnight. It is ladies night here almost every night so for a few hours, drinks are free for the girls. The dance floor is always packed and after a few hours so are the makeshift ocean swimming pools. This is Bocas del Toro so chances are you had no shoes when you arrived and were wearing not much more than swim trunks and a bikini so why not a 3:00am drunken swim. If you plan on staying here, plan on partying until the wee hours of the morning.  Here is hoping you don’t need much sleep…also the beaches are are perfect for recovery.

lava shots at bigfoot hostel leon nicaragua

  1. Sunday Funday, San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua

By far the most well-known and anticipated party in Central America is San Juan Del Sur’s Sunday Funday pool crawl. I am sure you have seen the T-shirt somewhere if you are traveling through the Americas. Put on by a few hostels this party starts at 2:00 in the afternoon with a shuttle ride from either Pachamama hostel or the Naked Tiger to a hotel with an infinity pool looking over all of San Juan Del Sur. You are left here for a few hours to swim and drink yourselves silly before being thrown into another shuttle to watch the sunset from the patio at the Naked Tiger. More drinks continue to be served at the Naked Tiger.  Let’s just say during this party I have seen things from intoxicated backpackers that I simply cannot un-see. Following sunset, party goers are once again thrown into shuttles and driven to Pachamama hostel in town where the hostel turns into a nightclub full of…you guessed it…more drinks and a lot of dancing. The party is well organized and everyone does it for a blast.  No one should miss out on the Sunday Funday pool crawl of San Juan del Sur.

Naked tiger sunday fun day pool party


top 5 traveller parties in central america


  1. I like that jacuzzi right in the middle of the bar! I stayed in a hostel in South Africa that was similar, running tab and all that. It surprises you once you check out how much you’ve spent It was one hell of a party

    1. It actually is a fab way to meet others as there are people who I met at those parties that am still friends with and Even did a little traveling with as well

  2. Maybe it’s an age thing, as this list names a couple of the worst hostels we’ve ever stayed in!

    Nothing like having to wait for your mattress to be dried after the previous occupant wet the bed… Bigfoot Hostel, memorable for the wrong reasons!

    1. Ahaha I didn’t ever say these were The Best hostels to STAY in. I said these Are The Best hostels to PARTY in. Were talking Best traveler parties.

  3. If you like to party I would recommend Wild Rover in Cusco. Party hostels are exhausting to me though. Ill take a quiet room and sleep, over people hooking up at 4am in the dorms right next to you!

    1. ahaha yeah, I guess you have to decide between good party and good sleep…they do not mesh well…that is unless you have crushed enough booze aha

  4. I am living in Costa Rica now so this post is super helpful for me! Thanks for your insight into how I can get my party on while living here. I just signed up for your newsletter and look forward to reading more of your posts! Would appreciate if you could do the same for me. Happy travels!

  5. I have made note of where not to stay. And of the Trump Champagne party- that one might be fun! I’ll also listen to see if my kids tell me they have been to any of these! Thanks – it was a fun list. Brings back memories of my youth!

  6. Blimey this post made me feel old ;). The cheap champagne party sounds like a brilliant find!! Definitely adding that to my list. The zephyr lodge tab style party sounds like a recipe for disaster… bet there are a lot of sore bank balances the next day! Great round up :).

  7. Heading to Central America after the great 3 year escapade in South America! I am not sure if I want to stay here but I am keen to know about the party scene in Central America. I’ve worked in numerous party hostels in Brasil, Peru and Argentina and I would like to see the difference. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thanks for creating an article on places we won’t stay in Central America! I am the sneaky traveller that goes to the party hostel but leaves to get out of the madness. That Zephyr Lodge looks immense though. We are definitely going to Nicaragua in Feb, hopefully Guatemala if we have the time. Cant’ wait!

  9. That sounds like a lot of fun! The only party I did out of country was in Seoul, South Korea. I missed out the Full Moon Party in Thailand when I was there! I heard it’s awesome there

    1. ahhh….remember…drinking does not define party… you can easily go to these places, dance, be social, and enjoy this atmosphere without drinking, 🙂

  10. We have hit 3 of the 5 and yes Derrick E. Little Morgans on Ometepe is one not to be missed also. Now we have to hit Guat and Trump Tower and get the champagne flowing!

  11. Tasty Tuesday’s at Tasty Waves Cantina in Puerto Viejo is a must with a free ladies hour you call it’s and free shots for the entire bar at midnight and free taxis home after 1am but most people just end up naked in the Caribbean waiting for the sunrise.

  12. All 5 spots seem to be pretty happening places. I am sure each one of them holds the promise of some rollicking times. Great experience for travelers heading out to Central America.

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