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Travel has always been a passion of mine and I genuinely enjoy sharing my experiences with others. To have the opportunity to influence others to try traveling whether it is to all inclusive resorts, adventure style backpacking, cruises, weekend trips, or cultural exploration is something I firmly believe to be very special.

Through engaging and captivating writing, I have been able to assist many groups by providing advice and guidance for concerns they might have within the travel industry. I am equally able to advise those individuals who are looking to step out of their comfort zones in travel as well as those who wish to expand their already developed travel itineraries. I ensure that I am always available to my readers to contribute sound counsel through my writing and on all facets of social media.

The focus of is on adventure style travel, including mountain summits, long distance treks, hiking, scuba diving and paragliding.  The ins and outs of female travel, traveling alone and affordable travel are also important areas which I cover extensively. Counselling those looking to get lost and step out of their comfort zones is one of my specialties but I have the ability to facilitate both individuals and groups in all areas of travel.

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