Why Choose a Self-Drive Tour of England, Scotland and Wales?

  Each year, epic road trip journeys are becoming more and more popular. Although many UK travellers enjoy flying and renting a car to take a road trip abroad, more and more road trip enthusiasts are choosing to stay in their home country for their journey.  Many travellers are now attempting to see as much as they can of England, Scotland and Wales; three unique destinations covered with history and character. With huge road networks and plenty of great places to make pit stops, a road ...

5 Islands to add to your Bucket list in South America

5 islands in South America feature
5. Easter Island                     Isla de Pascua, Rapa Nui, the naval of the universe and possibly the most magical island in the world, is a ‘South American’ destination never to be forgotten. The history of Easter Island is shrouded in mystery; who were these people, how did they get to the most remote island in the world, how did they survive with such limited resources, and lastly, where did they all go? Easter Isla...

8 Ways to spend your time in Santiago, Chile

8 ways to spend your time in Santiago Chile
With its massive coast line, the Andes Mountains, and its vast picturesque dessert, Chile is commonly perceived as an ‘out-doors person’s playground’. Often over-looked by travelers is Chile’s cultural hub, a busy and bustling city offering visitors a destination full of class. The capital, Santiago, is a location that truly has something for everybody, including fabulous dining, beautiful hikes, the arts and more. Expedia.ca asked me to share 8 of my favorite ways to enjoy charming Santiago d...

Stranded in the Desert: Climbing Lascar Volcano

Climbing Lascar Volcano
  Standing at 5,592 meters (18,346 ft) is northern Chile's own Lascar Volcano; one of the most active volcanoes in South America. Lascar Volcano continues to erupt frequently with a series of eruptions occurring from 2006-2011 not including the most recent one in 2015 so obviously I had no choice but to climb it. There are few things more fun to me than tempting fate, and how better to do it than to stare into a smoky pit of fire on top of a volcano (OK that may be a dramatic representat...

8 Big things to thank Travel Friends for…

8 reasons to thank travel friends
Heading out on the road can be a downright daunting experience, full of the unexpected. Traveling is amazing. We see such spectacular things and are in a constant state of learning but what is an experience without someone to share it with? The friends you meet while traveling; be it on a bus, on a plane, in a hostel or on the street in front of a tiny restaurant can have such a large impact on your journey. There are something’s that are so special about the bonds between friends made while t...

Taking a High-Speed River Adventure in London

River Cruise London
When you hear about London, the first things that come to mind are probably Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the Eye. These iconic places are mostly associated with the European city because they – in more ways than one – represent a rich and distinct culture. There are no questions about London’s appeal, and how Forbes would consider it as a top-ranked global city. From popular to classical music; theatre productions to festivals; nightlife to sporting events, the city has something to offer e...